Sunday, December 3, 2017

Crocheted Owl Coffee Cup Cozy

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Hot/Cold Beverage Purple Crochet Owl Coffee Cup Cozy #plantsandedibles #crochet #cupcozy #owl #beveragecozy #coffeecozy #coffeesleeve #koozie #owldecor

Check out the tutorial for this Owl Cozy:

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Crocheted Barefoot Sandals New Listing!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Crocheted Owl Coffee/Tea Mug/ Cup Cozy Video Tutorial

A really cute tutorial on how to make a crocheted owl coffee mug cozy.

This  project is easy enough for beginner/intermediate crocheters who know how to chain/ slip stitch and  crochet in the round. There is also a tutorial for the crocodile stitch which is also used here.

Here is a link to my Etsy listing if you want to purchase the finished product:
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Hot/Cold Beverage Purple Crochet Owl Coffee Cup Cozy #plantsandedibles #crochet #cupcozy #owl #beveragecozy #coffeecozy #coffeesleeve #koozie #owldecor

Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Beginner Crochet Books to Download

Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet but do not know where to start?
I have found the 10 best beginner ebooks on how to crochet.
Look at these easy to understand step by step books for beginners.

Download and get hooking today!

  1. Let's Crochet! Let's Crochet!, his beginner-level book functions as a crochet course that takes the new hobbyist from elementary stitches to an intermediate skill level. Each chapter-length project is a lesson that builds on information featured in the Basics section and previous projects in the book. 20 projects range from a beginning-level scarf to an intermediate-level casual cushion. Also here are hats, a wrap skirt, a tote bag, a camisole, blankets, an oven mitt, pillows, and more. These projects are stylish enough to appeal to crocheters of all skill levels.

  2. Crochet Crochet, Crochet is the perfect book for people interested in shifting away from mass-produced items, who want to create unique, crocheted pieces. There are more than 80 crochet projects to choose from, and the book helps you get to grips with the basic stitches before leading you to the best projects to try next. Why is it special? * It's the go-to crochet compendium that combines a step-by-step technique section with 101 projects for crocheters of all levels of ability. * This comprehensive book takes you through the basics, with useful practice projects to build confidence, before embarking on more adventurous crochet patterns. * Close-up step-by-step photography and detailed text give you crystal-clear instructions for every crochet stitch. * A huge variety of projects spans things to wear, items for the home, decorative pieces, and cute gifts. Whether you're looking to crochet oh-so sweet baby booties, amigurumi animals, a granny square bedspread, a one-size-fits-all shopping bag, or a fabulously slouchy hat--you're sure to find something to fit the bill.

  3. Crochet for Children Crochet for Children, Teach your children the basics of crochet in a clear way that's certain not to have them tangled in knots. Claire Montgomerie steps away from traditional methods of teaching crochet to kids and presents 35 brilliant projects that are fun and simple rather than complex and boring. By working through the easily digestible lessons, children will quickly develop the skills needed to make cool MP3 holders, mittens, jewellery, hats, dolls, teddy bears and more.

  4. Scarves to Crochet Scarves to Crochet, Made using light, medium, and bulky weight yarns, the scarves in this pattern collection are tried-and-true fashion accents. The 16 designs included in this book range from classic and elegant stitches to fun and funky designs; they are easy to create, and are suitable for beginning, intermediate, or experienced crocheters. Projects include Flouncy Shades of Blue, Picots in the Sun, Orange Blossom, Mardi Gras, Hints of Lavender, Cape Cod Circles, and Azure Scallops.

  5. The Crochet Workbook The Crochet Workbook, More than a manual on crochet techniques or a pattern book, this guide helps crocheters transcend the use of traditional hooks, stitches, and yarns to produce truly innovative creations. Beginners will master basic stitches and advanced crocheters will discover new ideas, colors, and designs. More than 80 color photographs and 49 line drawings.

Stitch by Stitch an Ebook for Crafters

Stitch-by-Stitch, Now in ebook format, this is a static, generic epub. A stitch-by-stitch guide to sewing and needlecraft. 

This ebook from craft expert Jane Bull, is packed with more than 50 inspiring and easy to-make projects to get you stitching, making, and designing. 

Stitch-by-StitchYou'll discover how to make handy cotton bags, patchwork cushions, applique pictures, and many more great gifts and fun things to keep. From what to use and when, this ebook contains a wealth of needlecraft know-how, and with simple step by step instructions it is great fun to dip in and out of.

 Perfect to encourage and inspire crafters who are just starting out - find something fun to do with your beads and buttons.

Free Bikini Knitting Pattern

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Crochet Braids | A Step by Step Tutorial

What the hell are crochet braids?

I am glad you asked. As the name suggests, crochet braids are hair extensions that are literally crocheted into your own hair (braided into cornrows) with a latch hook tool.

Susan Bates Bent Latch Rug Hook with Wood Handle

  It's already heating up here in Florida and I'm itching for a new style for my locks. I really do not want to cut my hair shorter but would love to just put it back out of the way.

While searching for different braiding and dread styles I came across this technique.
I am willing to give it a shot and who knows maybe it will give me more of an island exotic vibe.
I'll post some pics when I'm done.
For now...

Check out the Step by Step Tutorial by clicking the link below.
Crochet Braids Step by Step Tutorial

Hair Extensions:
Light Pink Curly 24 Inch Ombre Hair Extensions
More about how to braid:
Braids, Buns, and Twists!, DIY Braids

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