Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michael Ray Little Band

A recent concert performance by my cousin's band in Tulsa,Okla. at Cains Ballroom.
They are a local band just starting out, so please support them on their road to success!
It's great to know great talent runs in the family ;)
I'm so excited to see him getting such great reviews and the credit he deserves.
Way to go Danny!!!

My cousin Danny plays lead guitar seen in video below.
Enjoy a sample of their music!

Michael Ray Little – Acoustic Guitar/Vocal
Danny Humphrey – Lead Guitar
Art Elcombe – Acoustic Guitar
Jeff Blair – Bass
Gregory Raw - Drums

Camera People:
Marc Hall
Lane Fournerat
Noel Rutherford
Tommy Hutchinson

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  1. Hey! Thanks for posting this on your blog. I am Lane Fournerat AKA LaneVids. I was a cameraman for this shoot and Greg asked me to throw this online for the band! This is probably one of my favorite songs by them!!

    Thanks again,



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