Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crocheted Beaded Bracelet

crocheted beaded bracelet
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This is a beaded bracelet I made with a little bit of mercerized cotton, small round silver beads and silver/blue barrel beads.

100% mercerized cotton
f hook
elastic thread about 16"
small beads

String beads onto your crochet yarn (cotton) and set aside.
Wrap elastic thread around wrist loosely two times slip off and tie knot at ends.
Holding the two elastic threads together slip stitch around once and then 5 sc.
Use the following pattern throughout the rest of the way: (1 sc on first side of elastic, chain 1, slide bead to hook, chain 1, sc on other side of elastic),zigzag 3.

Continue in a zigzag pattern and beading around then sc 5 , finish off.

zigzag pattern: sc on first side of elastic ,ch2, sc on other side of elastic.

More pics:

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