Friday, July 9, 2010

Summertime Cooldown - Reading and Crafting

  It's definitely Summertime here in Connecticut! 
The temps have soared into the triple digits and the humidity is unbearable. Other than the usual cool down methods such as  water activities (sprinklers, swimming pool and beach), popsicles , and ice- cream treats.  I wanted to escape inside for awhile to cool down. 
   So, Yesterday I took the boys to our weekly trip to the library. They are excellent readers and love to get their hands on anything with adventure and fantastic characters that travel into deep space or time travel. Well I had to do a little traveling on my own while I was there. To the third floor! Where all the art history and craft books are. While a little boring for two tween boys I had a great time sorting through all the wonderful crafting books and even took a peek at some architectural history books that dated back to the early 18th century. 

   Well I wound up checking out two great crafting books. The first one is mainly for knitters with a tad bit of crochet projects thrown in with the theme of doing all of the projects in one skein or less in some cases. 
"One-Skein Wonders-101 Yarn Shop favorites" edited by Judith Durant , is nicely illustrated and has easy to read patterns sectioned by yarn type/weight chapters. 
This makes an easy to read for those quick  projects for on the go or a stashbuster.

The other book I picked up is a glorious full color beauty full of sweet crocheted flowers. It is called, "Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers".

I made three flowers so far:

The Pansy, 

  The Snowball (fan flower underneath)

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