Monday, November 22, 2010

First Knit Project!

First Knit1
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Ok ok I know you are thinking "Britt knitting, why are you knitting?" Well while I am working on an afghan which takes some time and doesn't travel in my purse very well I decided to pull out the needles and cast on something fierce! I do think crochet is my first love but knowing how to knit just broadens my horizons in the crafting world and allows me to explore new designs. I love learning new things! I found a great book at a flea-market recently that helped alot as a reference with tips,techniques and some simple patterns. It is called "Stitch by Stitch a home library of sewing, knitting,crochet and other needlecraft", it's on
I like how the fabric works up on the needles and the textures it creates. Knit items are more stretchy and so when making things like cowls, socks, wrist warmers etc it just seems natural. I admit I am just learning but have picked it up very fast, my experience with crochet helps alot in the process. :) This is just a sample of the first item I have made so far. It's not the most fabulous cowl, but it gets the job done.
I'm not even sure I was doing the correct knit /purls the right way and may have even dropped a stitched or too (oh my!). The pink mohair around the edge is crocheted, I couldn't resist! hehe
I am already on to dishcloths exploring new stitches and textures with the basketweave and seed stitches , see upcoming post/pics.
So happy knitting, crocheting or whatever craftiness you enjoy!

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