Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taggin my stash and Sippin Blackberry Smash

Taggin' my stash
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    Yesterday I was going thru all my things measuring and appropriately tagging ready for some love. It took forever but finally made it through all the small hats I had in two large sacks. I just have to stamp them now with my new stamp and add price. Not sure where they will be going yet but I'm sure they will make some little one happy! :)

Inspired by nature: The beauty of this orange Day Lily caught my eye today. It looks so peaceful glowing and basking in the sun.

    Also I have been working on the baby blanket for a friend called Soft Shells which is constructed with panels of shells and stripes. Looks like an easy and quick pattern but as I got started I found some errors in the number of stitches not adding up to the correct measurements. I managed to add more stitches and then came to the edging and even that was interesting so I am winging it and hoping for the best! Pictures soon!

    By the way, I have blackberries growing in my backyard and they are ripe for pickin'. I found two great recipes for blackberries today! Great Summer recipes!
Blackberry Smash and Blackberry Buckle.

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