Friday, February 11, 2011

Roses are Red....

Roses are Red....
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Violets are blue,
make this crochet rose for you and your valentine too!

Full Bloom Crochet Rose Pattern ©Britt Elrod  all rights reserved, you may not re-distribute or sell this pattern, you may sell the final product . Please give credit to me as the designer by linking to my blog. Thank you!


H hook 5.0mm
Vanna's Choice "cranberry" Yarn (or any worsted weight)
Pipe Cleaner, green
embroidery needle

To Make:
Ch 27
Row 1: dc in 5yh ch from hook, dc, sk1 ch, *(dc,ch1,dc)*sk1
Row 2: ch1, *(3dc in chi sp, sc in next sp)* across to end
Row 3: ch1, *(sk1 dc sc in next st, sk1 dc 5dc in next st)* repeat across to end.
To finish cut about 8" of yarn,roll around to form petals and weave through the layers with embroidery needle. Bend the pipe cleaner in half and fasten to base of rose. Twist and turn the stem until the shape you want is achieved.

I put mine is a small vase in the half bath, no need to add water and it won't die! :)rose1

Here are some more options for crochet roses (free patterns):

- HeidiBear's Super Easy Crocheted Rosel

- Planet June- Basic Rose

-  Nezumiworld, Rose-brooch

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