Friday, February 18, 2011

The Snuggles Project

  So many animals get left behind in the shelters most of which never get adopted. They are in small crates or cages with just the bare minimal necessities to survive. They often need blankets to give them warmth and comfort while waiting for their forever homes. There is a organization the started a project called  The Snuggles Project. Crafters of all kinds can crochet, knit or sew blankets to donate to the shelter of their choice to help out. Check it out!

For those who like to craft, knit, crochet, sew etc.. this is a great project use up your leftover yarn or fabric to make a difference.

Click the link to see How You Can Help comfort the shelter animals. There is a size chart and patterns samples to get you started. How about getting your local knit/crochet group involved. Make it a challenge for the month of March to see how many you can collect,  call your local shelter to see how many they need and donate them.

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