Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun New Stamp!

    I recently ordered a custom rubber stamp that I could stamp onto  my tags that I will attach to my items.
 It was a free promotion from VistaPrint and by free I mean free stamp and pay only shipping which was really quick despite the fact I checked the cheapest and slowest option they gave me lol.
I got it in about a week! I was so excited when I got it yesterday I ripped the box open and tried it out.  I bought the "tags" seperately so I can stamp them and add pricing or other notes on it.
Their smallest stamper size works on
"Avery brand Marking Tags" size 1 3/4" x 1 3/32" 100 count pkg.
...up close
...on popcorn stitch hat
 So now when you custom order,  your items will have a special tag on them.
These were just a test run so the next stamps may have my logo on them or other info.
Check out VistaPrint.com if you have a small business or just want some stamps, labels or cards they have great stuff and promotions like this all the time!

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