Friday, June 4, 2010

FF - Redneck Couture

    I was initially going to post this fabulous feature on Salvatore Faragamo and his high fashion designs even his use of crochet in handbags and shoes. But instead I came across something on a more lighter fashion note. A bit on the outer edge of fashion than one might like but I supose it was used in a good way for a good cause. See below

Believe me this is NOT what I think of when I say Fashion Fridays but here ya go!

Beer Can Crochet!*

and handy patterns of the 'redneck couture' too! hehe

If you must make one of these things here is a tutorial.
  I do have to hand it to the designer/creator of this massive beer can dress Stitchy mcyarnpants  is pure genius and a creative one too.
*warning, please be careful when attemping to make one of these*(for all sorts of reasons, not just the injury factor)

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