Thursday, June 3, 2010

Greek Key Scarf (old)WIP - OPA!

 a bit of a lost and found project post lol
Greek Key Scarf WIP
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A Greek Key Scarf WIP (work in progress) I found I really want to finish. The pattern is by Coats and Clark and is a free download Here.
  It is made with crcohet thread so it is a lot of work again wears my patience down but I think it wil be all worth it in the end!

By the way, last weekend there was a local Greek Festival and I took the boys. My oldest is interested in Greek Mythology and wanted to go.  He enjoyed the lamb kabobs while his brother scarfed down (pun intended lol) gyros while I had a greek salad.  My two boys had so much fun and I am sure learned alot about a different culture as well.
The outside of the Greek Orthodox Church:
Food, music and dancing what more can you ask for?

I guess I will post this on my project list on Ravelry to keep me motivated on it and hopefully it won't become a dead fish.

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